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As one of the Middle East’s most successful corporations, Americana Group has consistently demonstrated its ability to expand its market share, achieve excellence in the sector it operates in and realize shareholder value. In the last 10 years alone, the company has gone through a tenfold increase, diversified its brand portfolio and introduced new products and innovations.

Today, we remain committed to the same ideals and objectives that have driven our success over the last quarter of a century. Values ingrained into our corporate culture include zero compromise on quality, consistent value for money for our customers, continuous investment in our human resources, and a strong commitment to maximize value for our investors.

In working with our franchise partners, the past few decades have seen us meet and, in many cases, exceed expectations. Not only have we delivered on our obligations, but we have outperformed development commitments by securing the financial and management needs for each brand in our portfolio.

We are proud of the success we have had thus far in realizing the vision of Mr. Nasser Al Kharafi, who founded Americana Group 50 years ago. For every one of us, it is a privilege to contribute to leading the company into another quarter-century of growth, profitability and recognition.

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