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Americana Group brings a renowned Italian fine-dining experience to the Middle East

Kuwait City, Kuwait – January XX, 2009 – Americana Group, the Middle East’s most successful group of companies, operating consumer foods, restaurants, and food-related products, has announced today its latest addition to its portfolio of international brands, ‘Signor Sassi’.

Since 1964, Americana Group has owned and operated the franchises of most of the successful international restaurant chains such as KFC and Hardee’s in the Middle East. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Americana Group is to develop the ‘Signor Sassi’ insignia in the region. This restaurant, based in Knightsbridge, is very famous amongst Arabs visiting London and celebrities alike and offers the best in authentic Italian cuisine.

The Americana Group is set to develop 22 ‘Signor Sassi’ restaurants across the Middle East. Initial locations will include Kuwait, Dubai, Riyadh and Cairo.

Americana Group is committed to bringing the restaurant’s quality of food and service which offers a full Italian dining experience with a menu including Italian classics as well as specialty fresh fish.

“We are totally confident that Americana Group will be able to re-create the ‘Signor Sassi’ dining experience throughout the Middle East,” said Mr. Carlo Di Stefano, owner of the award-wining group, San Carlo.

Mr. Marzouk Al Kharafi, Chairman of Americana Group said: “As Italian cuisine is generally known to be the most popular cuisine world-wide, we were particularly excited to be able to make this announcement of our latest fine dining experience; especially as consumers in the Arab world, who frequently travel to London, have led to the ‘Signor Sassi’ brand being singularly well-received and known even before our launch.” He also added that the introduction of this new and internationally-renowned brand complements the company’s universal corporate strategy to diversify its product offerings and best serve the evolving consumers needs.

About Americana Group
Americana is the Middle East's most successful group of companies operating consumer foods, restaurants, and food-related products. This amazing success story started out in Kuwait in 1964 with the establishment of a small trading company, which then opened its first restaurant (Wimpy) in 1970. This was the region's first experience with international chain restaurants and was the beginning of Americana's rapid expansion in this field. This was followed with the establishment of the first meat processing plant in 1972 to cater for the restaurants' growing demand. With time, more Americana restaurants, food companies, factories, and brands were established and a high growth rate was always maintained. Today, the group operates more than 1000 restaurants with more than 35000 employees across 17 countries between the Atlantic Ocean and Caspian Sea. The Americana Group operates international franchises like Hardee’s, TGIF’s, Krispy Kreme, KFC and Pizza Hut. The Americana Group’s portfolio also includes a wide range of consumer foods, manufactured in 18 factories, in 5 different countries, and marketed across the region with well-known names like Americana Meat, Americana Cake, Farm Frites, California Garden, Heinz, Koki, Green Land and much more. For more information about Kuwait Food Company.