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Americana launched its new canned beans factory in Egypt

During the beginning of 2016, Americana group launched a new canned beans factory in Egypt with a production capacity of 3 million cartons a year. The new factory was established in the 6th of October city targeting the huge opportunity in the Egyptian market which is converting the vast loose fava beans consumer base to canned fava beans, and recruit new users. In addition to this, Egypt factory will be able to target Africa by exporting canned beans products to most of the African countries capitalizing on the COMESA trade agreement.

With the launch of the new Egyptian canned beans Factory, Americana has re-launched the “Foul el Edra” concept communicating that Foul El Edra, which is loved by millions of Egyptians, is now served by Americana in a can with the same great recipe and unique taste as the loose fava beans (Foul el Edra). The campaign was initiated by the beginning of 2016 with more focus during Ramadan on digital platforms, outdoors in key locations around Egypt, & in-store activation in major key accounts.