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GFI Speaks on behalf of the Middle East & North Africa Markets in INFOFISH Tuna 2016 International Conference

As a dominant player in the canned food industry within the GCC, GFI was invited to the INFOFISH TUNA 2016 conference that was held in Thailand from May 23rd to May 25th to speak on behalf of the Middle East & North Africa markets discussing challenges related to tuna resources management, trade, fishing sustainability and latest innovations in the industry. During the conference, GFI was able to discuss Middle East Tuna Market trends & updates, the key challenges faced by the main players in the region, as well as the significant opportunities in the canned seafood industry.

Building on its aspirations to have the highest and most premium quality in the market, CG has launched the new premium Gourmet Tuna in the GCC market that is cut from the most delicate parts of the fish and hand filled carefully to preserve the exquisite taste & the tender texture balance giving a unique product experience. The launch campaign was kicked-off via TV with a local GCC copy, a digital campaign & an in-store activation.