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KFC Egypt celebrating the 21st Anniversary of “Specially able KFC Restaurant” in Egypt

Twenty-One years ago, In December 20, 1994, the First KFC running by Hearing Impaired Staff was opened in Egypt. One of our How We Win Together two principles — Believe in All People — is built on the importance of actively seeking diversity, believing everyone has the potential to make a difference and coaching and supporting every individual to grow to their full capacity. Believing in all people, we take great pride in creating employment opportunities for people with disabilities.
The success of our specially-abled restaurant programs are driven by a 360 degree approach to developing specially-abled team members with a focus on hiring, training, creating an enabling work environment with tailored equipment, engaging the team members and assisting their development for growth and career progression.
December 20, 2015, marked the 21st anniversary of KFC Vinni. Americana Group opened the first specially-abled KFC restaurant (KFC C Vinni - Dokki, Egypt) in 1994. The restaurant in Giza Egypt is completely operated by deaf people and features special signage and back-of-house equipment to ensure a great experience for both customers and team members. Americana expanded to a second restaurant in 2000 and the success of both locations has led to the opening of two more restaurants in Alexandria.
As soon as you come in you can already feel the difference between this venue and any other KFC restaurant. It’s relative quiet; nobody is screaming in the kitchen and instead of being greeted with a simple ‘hello,’ you are welcomed with a big smile by the staff. The overall venue looks a lot cleaner than most KFC branches and on the wall is a banner carrying the sign language alphabet. The system here is as follows: on the counter is a menu where you can point out what you want to eat. If you choose a combo, then point out your drink on the drinks machine. You can also specify if you want your chicken pieces regular or hot, and if you want to eat at the restaurant or have it as take away.