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Ushering in a new phase of expansion in the CIS region
Americana Group commences the re-branding of Rostik’s KFC outlets in Kazakhstan
[Dec. 15, 2010] Americana Group, already established as the largest operator of restaurant chains in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA), has ushered in a new era of expansion into the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). The Group, whose business includes operating over 1,200 restaurants in a region spanning from the Atlantic Ocean to the Caspian Sea, today announced that it has begun the re-branding of Rostik’s KFC outlets in Kazakhstan.
The move further demonstrates Americana Group’s status as one of the world’s most successful franchisees of the KFC brand, the iconic chicken chain loved around the globe for its secret recipe created by Colonel Harland Sanders in the 1930s. The Kazakhstan outlets, which will be re-branded by Americana Group, will join some 450 other KFC venues operated by the Group in 13 countries across the MENA region.
Until recently, KFC outlets in Kazakhstan had operated under the co-branded name of Rostik’s KFC. Americana Group will re-brand the outlets as KFC, fully aligning them to the global guidelines adapted by the franchise’s 13,000 outlets around the world.
The re-branding plan covers six existing outlets in Kazakhstan, of which two are located in the capital Astana, and four in the major metropolis of Almaty.
A seventh outlet, built from the ground up according to Americana Group and KFC’s specifications, is scheduled to open on December 25th 2010. Occupying a premium location within Khan Shatyr, an iconic shopping and entertainment destination coming up in the heart of the Kazakh capital, the outlet will be the first 100% KFC restaurant to open anywhere in the CIS.