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Americana Group owes its success in no small part to the strategic, long-term relationships it establishes with international franchisors and partners. We believe all stakeholders must work closely, and work together, on the development and evolution of products and services. As the first and largest franchisee in the Middle East, Americana Group has helped many international franchisors – such as YUM! Brands, Krispy Kreme International and CKE Restaurants – establish and expand their international presence.

The tremendous growth of these brands in the MENA region was achieved through cooperation between both sides of each partnership. Americana Group invests its extensive experience, knowledge and understanding of local markets and culture in all facets of the business with all its partners.

Our encompassing coverage of the area, which includes 13 countries in the Middle East & North Africa, has made us one of the best franchising partners around the world. Our commitment to quality and enthusiasm for growth has guaranteed the success of all our brands, both franchised and homegrown.

Andy Puzder, CKE Restaurants   David Novak-CEO,yum! Brands   Graham Allan-President of yum! Internation Restaurants
Andy Puzder, CKE Restaurants   David Novak - CEO,Yum! Brands   Graham Allan-President of Yum! International Restaurants
Indra Nooyi-CEO,Pepsico   Jeff Welch-SVP and president of International,Krispy Kreme   Ricky Richardson - COO - TGIF
Indra Nooyi - CEO, Pepsico   Jeff Welch - SVP and President of International, Krispy Kreme   Ricky Richardson - COO - TGIF
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