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To many corporations around the world, Corporate Social Responsibility may be a relatively new concept. Many CSR initiatives are typically launched as a sideline activity, designed to garner goodwill or as exercises in public relations. To us at Americana Group, however, CSR is an intrinsic part of our business model. As a company engaged in the food industry, we realize that our very business depends on quality products and quality service. This is why we perceive investing in our communities and our environment as investments in our own business. As the MENA region’s most populous nation, located in the heart of the region, Egypt is a launch pad for some of our most important CSR drivers.

Although the MENA region has plenty of vocational institutes, which prepare graduates for employment in the hospitality industry, none of these institutes had acknowledged the importance of the Quick Service Restaurants industry or offered related training. With a limited talent pool, Quick Service Restaurants were finding it hard to meet their expansion needs while maintaining quality standards. As a result, their contribution to the economy and their communities remained limited.
Being the regional leader in the Quick Service Restaurants sector, Americana Group rose to this challenge. Capitalizing on its long experience with some of the world’s most reputed Quick Service chains, Americana Group worked with multiple government and academic bodies in Egypt to create training programs specifically designed for this segment of the hospitality industry. In 2006, Americana Group collaborated with Egypt’s Ministry of Higher Education, yielding a partnership with the Al Mattaria Technical Institute for Tourism & Hotels, whereby the company helped create and fund programs dedicated to training and qualifying candidates for the Quick Service industry. The success of the programs launched at Al Mattaria led to similar initiatives with prominent educational institutions throughout Egypt, such as the University of Helwan, where the Faculty of Tourism & Hotel Management embraced the concept in 2008 and integrated Quick Service-related training into its curricula. As of September 2009, young candidates from high schools around the country had the option of enrolling in programs at various institutions of higher learning that would prepare them for careers in the Quick Service Restaurants industry, including a five-year Advance Diploma Program.

Americana Group’s investments, which will benefit the entire Quick Service sector and the community as a whole, are now posed to yield no less than 1,500 graduates each year. In addition to class-bound tuition which prepares students to meet certification standards adopted by international brands, Americana Group also hosts students as paid trainees in its restaurant network, giving them the opportunity to earn while gaining valuable practical experience. When they graduate, students are offered career opportunities with Americana Group, but they also retain the option to work with any other employer of their choosing.

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