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Q: When was Americana (Kuwait Food Company) founded and where?
A: Americana was founded in 1964 in Kuwait.

Q: What are the main businesses of Americana (Kuwait Food Company)?
A: Americana owns franchise of global restaurant brands and also creates its own restaurant brands as well as manufacturing consumer food products

Q:Where is Americana (Kuwait Food Company) listed and what is the ticker symbol for its share?
A: Americana (Kuwait Food Company) is listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol FOOD.KSE.

Q: How many people work for Americana (Kuwait Food Company)?
A: As of December 2008, 45,000 people work for Americana (Kuwait Food Company).

Q: When does Americana’s (Kuwait Food Company) Fiscal Year end?
A: Americana’s (Kuwait Food Company) Fiscal Year ends in December.

Q: Does Americana (Kuwait Food Company) payout dividends?
A: Yes, Americana (Kuwait Food Company) pays out dividends on a yearly basis.

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