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Q: Where can I find details about your vacancies?
A: You can find the latest vacancies by going to Job Opportunities.

Q: Can I apply for a position outside my home country?
A: Yes, you can apply to any job opportunity. Your eligibility for employment in another country is dependant on a number of factors such as: your legal eligibility to work in a certain country.

Q: What are the qualities Americana looks for in a candidate?
A: We are interested in people who have a diverse range of skills and abilities; there is no standard profile. However, we do look for a number of key competencies that we believe provide you with the necessary platform upon which you can build a global career. Among these competencies are: Achievement Orientation (striving for excellence) and Teamwork &Cooperation (committed to working with others to achieve common goals). This is not the entire list of competencies that we look for during our interview process however these two competencies are considered our top priorities.

Q: How can I register to receive the latest vacancies?
A: You can sign up to create an account, which will allow you to manage or view your account information, application activity and documents. Additionally, you will be notified automatically of new vacancies that are available.

Q: What is the recruitment process?
A: Recruitment process starts through various ways among which are employment fairs, university orientation, Americana careers portal, online recruiting sites, WALK IN to Americana premises, and then the selection method starts.

Q: What is the selection method?
A: Selection method is about sorting CVs first into categories by qualifications & experience, and then we check job vacancies and match the job requirements with the dimensions of applicants by initial screening to see who fits for these vacancies.

Q: What are the steps of the selection process?
A: The selection process starts when an individual’s professional and personal strengths are carefully matched to the attributes needed to succeed in a particular role. We apply a comprehensive unified solid recruitment and selection system among the group using the top notched international selection tools to ensure selecting the best fit for the organization and to ensure matching your talents and your qualifications with the best fit taking into consideration your motives and desires. The selection process includes a series of HR and line manager competencies based interviews, together with different tests that vary according to the position.

Q: What career development prospects do I have at Americana?
A: Once you are an Americana employee, you will have a training period for the assigned job and after a period of six months to a year of working an appraisal is done to measure the performance of the employee to identify the strength and areas of development which we call APM (Americana performance management). IDP (Individual Development Plan) comes as a following step to tackle areas of development. Our philosophy is promotion from within, once pass all the above, the sky is your limit for development and promotion.

Q: Can I move internally?
A: Internal mobility is important to us. Employees have access to internal opportunities across all business units and can apply to positions suitable to their competencies.

Q: Can I move to another location?
A: As a global company we can and do move our talent around the globe! You will have the opportunity at some stage in your career to have some experience in any of our diversified locations.

Q: I want to work for a company that is ethical and has a responsibility to the community. Is Americana such a company?
A: Americana is a company that demands a high ethical standard of its employees and in turn of itself. We maintain codes of practice and operate to high standards in all aspects of our business around the globe. We view our commitment to good corporate citizenship as an essential component of our business.

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