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Learn more about Americana Group from its employees. Meet some of the people who work with us and find out what they think of their experience at Americana. Get an insider’s glimpse into our world, and find out why Americana should be the employer of choice for you, too.

Ahmed Osman
Acting General Manager
Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
  "I graduated from Helwan University’s College of Commerce & Business Administration, where I majored in Accountancy (English Section). Before I joined Americana, I worked in an auditing firm as Junior Auditor, then as a Sales Representative in ALKAN, one of Egypt’s biggest companies at the time.

My career with Americana began in 1998. In April of that year, I joined the Human Resources team at the Corporate Office in Cairo as Human Resources Coordinator. In August of that same year, I was transferred to Americana Group’s branch office in the United Arab Emirates.

Retaining my responsibilities as HR Coordinator, I was given charge of a department at which I had the opportunity to work with people from a rich diversity of cultures and backgrounds. As my People Management skills strengthened, Americana Group put me up to new challenges, this time with the Operations Division, as Area Manager for KFC in Dubai.

At the time of my appointment in April 2000, I was initially responsible for four restaurants. A few months later, I was assigned four more outlets to handle. Working with the restaurants team was a thoroughly enriching experience, especially for me as someone interested in People Development.

In 2001, I was awarded ‘Best Area Manager’ in the UAE and attended the RGM convention held in Dubai. In February of that year, I received another promotion, when I was designated KFC Chain Manager for Abu Dhabi.

This posting was one of the biggest challenges of my professional career. Apart from the greater scope of responsibilities, my main challenge was to redirect sales from negative to positive figures. It was not an easy task considering the circumstances at the time; but with the support of my team and the Americana Group management, we were able to lay the foundations for sustainable recovery. In the five years that followed, our figures were not only positive, but also grew consistently year-on-year.

In 2005, Americana Group gave me and a number of colleagues the opportunity to attend a Cornell University course in Strategic Restaurant Management Operations. Such courses, at such prestigious institution, are part of Americana Group’s policy of continually investing in human resources, and helped us acquire valuable additional business skills.

In November 2006, my career with Americana advanced a step further. I was promoted to the post of Director of Operations in Abu Dhabi, becoming in charge of all KFC, Pizza Hut, Hardee’s and Chicken Tikka outlets in the UAE capital. It was an exciting time for everyone in my team, as we expanded our network to include 50% more restaurants in just two years. We also made significant improvements to the HR and financial aspects of the business.

As of 2010 , Americana gave me yet another career challenge, when I was assigned Acting General Manager for the Group’s branch in the United Arab Emirates. I feel proud and privileged to be working with such a great team as the one we have here in the UAE, and I’m proud to be contributing to the ongoing success of Americana Group. "



Group Higlights FY2008

USD 2 Billion in Sales
USD 130 Million in Profits
45,000 Employees
21 Nationalities
1200+ Stores
17 factories
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